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Chapter - 12

Can there be
more than one truth?

This is a difficult question and perhaps the biggest of them all. What is true and what is not true? Can there be more than one truth, or is there only one truth?

From what I have written here in this book, I reckon you will not be very surprised by my conclusion in the end. Still, I think it is important to have an open mind around this since these questions are often asked.

Everyone who makes a certain effort to finding the truth claim that they have found it or that they are on a very good path to it. The religions claim the same, that they are the right ones and many of them claim that everyone else is wrong. Some also say that there are many paths to the same answer, or many paths to God.

"All roads lead to Rome", which probably stems from the fact that Rome and its religion have had a great impact for centuries, is an expression used by many but do all these roads really lead to God and to the right Truth?

I have, on several occasions, been met with the words "What is true for you is true for you, and what is true for me is true for me!" I think to myself; what a lie! What does one answer?

Everything in is this world has an origin and one truth of what that origin is. Everyone is born of a specific person, all products are produced in only one specific place and in a disagreement, there is only one truth. The challenge is whether the truth is told 100% correctly or if it has been manipulated, embellished a little or stretched a little so it suits one's own advantage.

In religion, fear is actively used to keep people away from searching for other truths. Fear of not fitting in or losing contact with family and the like are used as tactics. In politics, propaganda is actively used. Anything that doesn't support or is different is labeled as a conspiracy. What is conveyed in propaganda can be right, but it can also be wrong. The same goes for what is labeled a conspiracy, something may be right and other things may be wrong. It is therefore important to have an open mind around the question of what the real truth is. Following a gut feeling or following the flow can both have fatal consequences. Even the best people in the world can tell you lies without being aware of it. I hope you spend some time thinking about what I am writing here and that you dare to question your way of thinking.  I hope you think about what has influenced you to think the way you think and what you believe in. It may well be that you end up with the same conclusion as you already have, but then you have at least thought about it.

As I mentioned earlier, I grew up in a Christian family. But both when I was young and several times after I grew up, I have challenged myself about what I really believe in. Could it be that simple, could it be so wonderful, or could it be that there is someone else sitting on the truth? Yes, I have really challenged myself and put myself in the faith of others to try to figure this out. Yet, every time I sat down with the Bible and said to God; show me that You are true, then He showed me that He lives, and He answered what I ask. It has often been through being led to different Bible verses that say something about my situation there and then, or that someone has come to me, sent me a message and said something I needed to hear, or that prayer answers came and things worked out in ways that cannot be explained from a normal way of doing things.               


There are truths in all religions, in all learning, in all research and in all faith practices, but in all, there is only one truth that can be defined as the Truth.

With regard to where we come from and where we are going to spend eternity, King David sums it up like this, in a prayer to God, in Psalm 119: 160 “The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous judgments lasts forever. »

This is also what I have experienced, when I read the Bible, God's word, I experience that the sum of this is truth - that God's word is alive and active even today!

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