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Chapter - 11

The flood
and the giants on earth

How can the teachings of the Bible match the modern teachings and discoveries made in recent times? According to the Bible, where on the timeline do we find the ice age and the dinosaurs?

These are questions that are often asked in connection with the Bible teaching. The Bible tells us that the earth is about 6000 years old, while a group of scientists claim the earth is billions of years old. (According to the Jewish calendar, the earth is 5783 at sunset September 25, 2022, year 1 starts at creation.)


We can say with certainty that no one living was there when the Big bang possibly happened, or the days God created the earth in 6 days. Both are based on faith. Researchers base their knowledge on physical findings and testing in the laboratory. Since they don't know the exact, this must necessarily be based on a given belief that varies and for which we do not know the basis. Nor can the biblical explanation of creation be fully confirmed except by faith. But Bible stories and genealogies from the very first two people can be confirmed by scholars and through scriptures. In the life of a Christian, the Holy Spirit can be confirmed as a living spirit to this day. This provides a basis for believing that what God has led people to write about creation is true. For example, Adam lived for 930 years, met the Lord God in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of his life, and at the end of his life he could tell what he saw and experienced to Lamech who was born 883 years after creation. Lamech was Noah's father and Noah became old enough to be able to tell the story to Abraham who was born 1957 years after the creation.

From ancient times, the oral communication of history was important. The oldest scriptures the Bible refers to are Exodus 17:14 and the commandments Moses received on Mount Sinai.  The Bible says that God wrote the commandments with his finger on the stone tablets. Exodus 31:18.

This was approx. year 2480 after creation, i.e approx. 1300 years before the birth of Jesus in approx. year 1.

According to the «Store Norske Leksikon» (the great Norwegian encyclopedia), the ice age was approximately 115,000 to 12,000 years back in time. The lifespan of dinosaurs is described from about 233 to 66 million years before our time. It is also described that the dinosaurs died suddenly about 65.5 million years ago, which is described by scientists as a mass extinction of animals and plants in a short period of time. 


As we can see, there is a great departure from the Bible's teaching on creation to a group of scholars' theories of creation and past life on earth. Genesis 6: 4 tells us that there were giants living on earth. It is also said that the sons of God went into the daughters of men. The sons of God were probably the fallen angels, the third of the angels of heaven that the devil carried with him in his fall. According to the teachings of the Bible, it is reasonable to believe that the dinosaurs were also among these giants. That they were exterminated in the flood that covered the whole earth and destroyed all life on earth with the exception of the sea creatures, the animals and the family Noah had with him in the ark. This can also be explained against the researchers 'theory of the dinosaurs' sudden death and mass extinction of animals and plants in a short period of time.


I believe the ice age also belongs to the history of the flood. The whole earth was covered with water, it says in Genesis 7.

North Calotte has historically been colder than other places on the planet, so it is likely that the biblical flood formed the glaciers we still have in Norway and elsewhere. The research has good evidence that the ice has been larger than the glaciers are today. I believe that mountains, valleys, water, and sea are all created by God, if everything had been shaped by an ice age, the landscapes would have been more similar around the world. I still believe that the ice and the ice age have made changes in nature, and it has been widespread.

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